Thursday, April 26, 2018

Old oak at Tjursta

This is an old oak at Tjursta in rural Österhaninge. You can see the tree from the Dalarövägen and I have wanted to photograph it close-up for a few years now. It was a muddy walk across two fields in my Adidas sneakers earlier in the week, but if you want a specific photo you have to sacrifice yourself a bit. Not sure how old this oak is, but it was probably already picturesque back when the long lost property Tjurstatorp was still standing. I will go back for a Summer view of the tree a few months from now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sixten Recent Snaps

Sixten Recent Snaps
Natalia's second attempt to bring lazy Hasse another coffee. Tiny yellow flower I found under an oak yesterday. The old tree. Walkway at Håga. Barren trees at a hillside in Österhaninge. A recent dinner out on the veranda when it was still warm. Rocks on a field near Dalarövägen. The farm house at Nödesta needs some love and caring. The new houses at Lillgården shot from the hill at Bergdalen. The old silo at Nödesta. Cigar stump at the cafe. Digger at Håga industrial park. The meandering path towards Klemms Kulle. Tree on a hill at Österhaninge. More barren trees. A glass of red wine.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Ploughed Field

Ploughed Field
A ploughed field at the tiny hamlet Ormsta in rural Haninge. Decided to try a stacked landscape photo of the ploughed field and the farm buildings. This is six photos shot handheld at f/.8. Shot with the Canon 70-200mm lens.

Monday, April 23, 2018


Vitsippa Blåsippor
I have shown you a few photos from the Iron Age burial field in Jordbro over the years. One reason for that is that I bike through the site most every week. Another, that it is a beautiful place with lots of interesting things to see. One of which is the anemones that bloom here every spring. The blue ones usually comes first, followed by the white a few weeks later. This year I spotted them the same day. Which is very unusual. When all the white anemones bloom, the fields and the forests turns white in the Gullringskärrets nature reserve, and that is always a spectacular thing to see. If you live nearby there's an organized tour here to see just that. This years meeting will take place on the 5th of May. Facts in Swedish here.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Summer is here

A close call
Summer came early this year. Even before the real Spring arrived. That is very unusual for Stockholm. Summer means that all the classic cars will be out on the roads again. Spotted this one while sitting at the cafe with the usual suspects. The driver noticed me and gave me a wave. It was a close call as I shot with the 105mm lens, but I managed to get a couple of decent snaps before it was gone.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sixteen Recent Snaps

Sixteen Recent Snaps
Cold Leffe on the veranda with dinner yesterday. The old tree on Thursday afternoon. Greek Salad dinner. Blåsippor at the ancient gravefield in Jordbro. Påsklilja detail near the old tree. Guy walking home from Systembolaget with a "flak" of beer. Birch tree snapped on my way to the old tree. Cyclist passing the cafe. Jim has anew look for the year. Trygg-Hansa at Slätmossen. Jujja handling the sun and the heat at Malmens. View from a bridge at the nature park Slätmossen. The stolen, dumped and torched car again. Another cyclist pedals past the cafe. Vitsippor at the Iron Age burial site. Muslim woman walks by the cafe.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Viking Era Runestone

Viking Era Runestone
A 1,000 year old runestone that once stood at the long gone village of Blista, not far from Alvsta in Haninge. There's an old painting of the runestone dating back 400 years, and the top right corner of the stone was already missing back then. Today the stone stands close to Årsta castle in Österhaninge. It has been there since around 1864 when Gustav Upmark pieced the stone together. At that time the stone had been missing for hundreds of years and when it was found it was broken in several pieces. It is 263 centimetres high and 146 centimetres wide. The inscription reads: Sven had this stone made...(a few words are missing here) ...his good father and for Gudvar. The inscription was made by Halvdan. It means that Sven raised the stone in memory of his parents.

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Roundabout here is where they are building a new "rondell" along Stavsvägen in Tungelsta an area with many new houses still under construction. Shot this as an extreme shallow depth of field photo by stitching together multiple photos taken with the Sigma macro lens.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Naval Ships

HMS Visby Minehunter
Took the fixie bike down to my favourite beach yesterday. 15C from a blueish sky. Happy to report that all the ice is gone from the Horsfjärden bay. Top photo shows the corvette HMS Visby. Photographed with my 70-200mm Canon lens with the help of the 1.4 Viltrox Extender. Snapped from the little marina at the Årsta Brygga. Second photo shows the minehunter HMS Kullen. A Landsort-class mine countermeasures vessel. Took that photo from a pier at the Årsta Havsbad beach. Both vessels are part of the 4th Naval Warfare Flotilla at the nearby Berga Navybase. I visited the base a few years ago when they had an open-house weekend.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

New preschool

A concrete pattern New preschool
New preeschool under construction at what used to be a parking lot at Ringvägen in Västerhaninge.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Friday the thirteenth

Friday the thirteenth Frozen Lake
Still a thin layer of ice covering the Lower Lake at the Rudan nature reserve. One not so clever guy tried ice fishing on Friday the 13th. Didn't end well. But he did survive.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Bullerskärm. Swedish word of the day. Noise barrier fence along the Nynäsbanan railway line at Håga in Västehaninge. In the background a new building at the industrial park.

Friday, April 13, 2018

A work in progress

A work in progress
Artwork that is. I tried my best to offend the owner, (didn't catch his name), of this car by informing him that it was a bit on the ugly side. He responded that this was just a start, soon the entire car will be painted in a similar style. I spotted the Hyundai at Håga industrial park yesterday and decided to shoot my first bokeh panorama with the Sigma lens. The anonymous guy then told me that it was Jesse that would paint the car and he is actually pretty good at designing stuff. Press here to see Jesse's Amazon. And here to see Jesse's cool bike. And here to see Jesse.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Horse back riding is strictly verboten on walkways in Sweden. This is the newest walkway in Tungelsta, at Stav. It follows a little meandering stream, Rocklösaån, and is popular with the locals, including the four-legged ones that shouldn't be there.